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Name: Michael Leavitt
Timezone: America/Denver
Gender: Male
Birthday: 03 Aug 1961
1145 N. Main Street
84057 United States
Mobile Number: 8016366816
Biography: Since 1995, Master Inspector Michael Leavitt has continued to run the finest inspection firm in Northern Utah. Michael Loves to write and this business portion of his blog captures fun moments and informative topics geared towards educating and entertaining homeowners and other real estate professionals. Michael has consistently built his inspection reputation by being extremely thorough in our inspection protocols. If you are looking for the finest inspection firm in Northern Utah, then confidently draw upon Michael’s experience and order your inspection today!!!
Services Offered: Home Inspections, Termite Inspections, Radon Testing, Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing, Stucco Inspections, EIFS Inspections, Meth Contamination Sampling, Lead-Based Paint, Water Quality Testing, Moisture Intrusion Inspections
Hobbies: Backpacking, sailing, fishing, skateboarding, caving, skiing, basketball, softball, and any other action type activity.
In my free time: I don’t have much of that because there is so much to accomplish and so much work to do.