About TIPS


The concept for “The Inspection Professionals” website was created by long time home inspectors Michael Leavitt and Jeff Herboldshimer in 2008. They were looking for an online communication forum that would allow for unrestricted communication with their fellow inspectors on almost any topic, using good taste of course. Discussions on moisture meters and double tapped breakers is important, but discussions on kids, cars, football, and beef jerky are equally important. Online technology was previously limited in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but now it is readily available to create a great online interactive experience.



Michael LeavittMichael Leavitt


Since 1995, Michael Leavitt has been inspecting residential and commercial structures in Northern Utah. Michael branched into environmental testing as a way of broadening his resource streams of revenue. Michael has been a trainer and educator within the inspection industry and developed multiple training curriculums. Michael is also a 3D Inspection System trainer and form designer. This has helped him develop specialty forms for services such as Meth Sampling, Radon Testing, Lead Hazard Screens, Water Quality Testing, Moisture Intrusion Evaluations, Residential Thermal Imaging, and even Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing. Add to these skills those of website development, Michael maintains over 70 domains and has been the webmaster for the American Institute of Inspectors, the Utah Real Estate Inspector’s Guild, the Timpanogos Caving Grotto, and dozens of inspection related websites.

Michael Leavitt * 1378 N. Main Street - Orem, Utah 84057 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * 801-636-6816

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